McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV; Families and Individuals

Oscar John Milton.Oscar married Viola Mae Shepherd.

Viola Mae Shepherd [Parents].Viola married Oscar John Milton.

Gerald Lee Dunn.Gerald married Dora Elizabeth Shepherd.

Dora Elizabeth Shepherd [Parents].Dora married Gerald Lee Dunn.

Joseph Grover Shepherd [Parents].Joseph married Beulah Ruth Sheets.

Beulah Ruth Sheets.Beulah married Joseph Grover Shepherd.

Malcolm Farmer.Malcolm married Helen Louise Shepherd.

Helen Louise Shepherd [Parents].Helen married Malcolm Farmer.

Other marriages:
Mitchell, Chester

Chester Mitchell.Chester married Helen Louise Shepherd.

Helen Louise Shepherd [Parents].Helen married Chester Mitchell.

Other marriages:
Farmer, Malcolm

James Myers.James married Anna Lee Shepherd.

Anna Lee Shepherd [Parents].Anna married James Myers.

Gerald Baker.Gerald married Maggie Shepherd.

Maggie Shepherd [Parents].Maggie married Gerald Baker.

George James Shepherd [Parents].

Other marriages:
Tyler, Phyllis

He had the following children:

  M i Lawrence Edward Shepherd.

Lawrence Edward Shepherd [Parents].Lawrence married Elizabeth Etta Miller.

Elizabeth Etta Miller.Elizabeth married Lawrence Edward Shepherd.

George James Shepherd [Parents].George married Phyllis Tyler.

Other marriages:

Phyllis Tyler.Phyllis married George James Shepherd.

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