McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Familie and Individuals

Ronnie Taylor.Ronnie married Velma Grimmett.

Velma Grimmett [Parents].Velma married Ronnie Taylor.

Michael Snodgrass.Michael married Phyllis Grimmett.

Phyllis Grimmett [Parents].Phyllis married Michael Snodgrass.

Paul Shortridge.Paul married Deloris Grimmett.

Deloris Grimmett [Parents].Deloris married Paul Shortridge.

Blankenship. married Linda Grimmett.

Linda Grimmett [Parents].Linda married Blankenship.

Whitlock. married Cindy Grimmett.

Cindy Grimmett [Parents].Cindy married Whitlock.

Adkins. married Geneva Grimmett.

Geneva Grimmett [Parents].Geneva married Adkins.

Jerry Grimmett [Parents].Jerry married Teresa.

Teresa.Teresa married Jerry Grimmett.

Robert "Bobbie" Grimmett [Parents].Robert married Stella.

Stella.Stella married Robert "Bobbie" Grimmett.

Okey Grimmett [Parents].Okey married Deanna.

Deanna.Deanna married Okey Grimmett.

Ervin Grimmett [Parents].Ervin married Debbie.

Debbie.Debbie married Ervin Grimmett.

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