Selected Families and Individuals

Paul Childress.Paul married Sandra Short.

Sandra Short [Parents].Sandra married Paul Childress.

Lee Johnson.Lee married Maude Ford.

Maude Ford [Parents].Maude married Lee Johnson.

Brown. married Amanda Toler.

Amanda Toler [Parents].Amanda married Brown.

Kenzie Dickie Toler [Parents].Kenzie married Sandy.

Sandy.Sandy married Kenzie Dickie Toler.

Ricky Proffitt [Parents].Ricky married Brenda Hicks.

Brenda Hicks [Parents].Brenda married Ricky Proffitt.

Shepherd. married Garnell Goodwin.

Garnell Goodwin [Parents].Garnell married Shepherd.

Alan Brooks [Parents].Alan married Angela.

Angela.Angela married Alan Brooks.

Chris Brooks [Parents].Chris married Kim.

Kim.Kim married Chris Brooks.

Jack Hicks Rev [Parents] was born in 1932 in NC. He married Katherine Vernie "Midge" Goodwin on 4 Oct 1952 in Oceana, Wyoming Co, WV.


Katherine Vernie "Midge" Goodwin [Parents] was born on 28 Apr 1940 in Mohawk, McDowell Co, WV. She died on 29 Mar 2020 in Oceana, Wyoming Co, WV. She married Jack Hicks Rev on 4 Oct 1952 in Oceana, Wyoming Co, WV.


They had the following children:

  M i Bobby Ray Hicks.
  F ii Betty Hicks.
  F iii Bernice Hicks.
  F iv Brenda Hicks.
  F v JoAnne Hicks was born on 1 Jan 1968. She died on 1 Oct 2020.
  M vi Billy Hicks.
  M vii Jack Hicks.

Thomas Green.Thomas married Bernice Hicks.

Bernice Hicks [Parents].Bernice married Thomas Green.

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