McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families

Frame. married Elizabeth Stafford.

Elizabeth Stafford [Parents].Elizabeth married Frame.

James Perry [Parents].James married Rita.

Rita.Rita married James Perry.

Miller. married Betty Perry.

Betty Perry [Parents].Betty married Miller.

Walls. married Judy Perry.

Judy Perry [Parents].Judy married Walls.

Orville "Buddy" Perry [Parents].Orville married Mary.

Mary.Mary married Orville "Buddy" Perry.

Kendall Walls.Kendall married Brittany Hatfield.

Brittany Hatfield [Parents].Brittany married Kendall Walls.

Prichard Garrett.Prichard married Heather Hatfield.

Heather Hatfield [Parents].Heather married Prichard Garrett.

Pink Byers.Pink married Cora Tolliver.

Cora Tolliver.Cora married Pink Byers.

They had the following children:

  M i Mickey Byers was born in 1929.

Coleman. married Ruby J. Tilley. The marriage ended in divorce.

Ruby J. Tilley [Parents] was born on 1 Apr 1931 in Bluefield, Mercer Co, WV. She married Coleman. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:
Byers, Mickey


Poza Mullins [Parents] was born in 1947 in Kopperston, Wyoming Co, WV. He married Mary Lou Tilley on 10 Nov 1956 in Matheny, Wyoming Co, WV.


Mary Lou Tilley [Parents] was born in 1948 in Sabine, Wyoming Co, WV. She married Poza Mullins on 10 Nov 1956 in Matheny, Wyoming Co, WV.


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