McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Familie and Individuals

Ernest Morgan.Ernest married Denevra Ann Dunigan.

Denevra Ann Dunigan [Parents] was born on 31 Oct 1968 in SC. She married Ernest Morgan.

Other marriages:
Johnson, Jason Christopher "Chris"


Ira Wetzel Hill.Ira married Allie I. Gillenwaters.

Allie I. Gillenwaters.Allie married Ira Wetzel Hill.

They had the following children:

  F i Katherine "Kat" Hill was born on 23 Jun 1942. She died on 23 Jan 2017.

William "Bill" Buzzo.William married Dana Dunigan.

Dana Dunigan [Parents].Dana married William "Bill" Buzzo.

Dewey Day [Parents].Dewey married Anita.

Anita.Anita married Dewey Day.

George Marks.George married Tamara "Tammy" Campbell.

Tamara "Tammy" Campbell [Parents].Tamara married George Marks.

Walter L. Goforth.Walter married Sylvia Elaine Scott.

Sylvia Elaine Scott.Sylvia married Walter L. Goforth.

They had the following children:

  M i Jeffery Lee Goforth was born on 13 Nov 1961 in Welch, McDowell Co, WV. He died on 6 Aug 2020 in Kimball, McDowell Co, WV. He was buried on 12 Aug 2020 in Rest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Bluewell, Mercer Co, WV. [Notes]
  M ii James A. Goforth.
  F iii Judith A. Goforth.
  F iv Sylvia J. Goforth.
  F v Jacqueline E. Goforth.
  M vi Johnny L. Goforth.
  F vii Janet M. Goforth.

Roy Day [Parents].Roy married Gloria.

Gloria.Gloria married Roy Day.

Pete Day [Parents].Pete married Guyna.

Guyna.Guyna married Pete Day.

Stanley. married Dolly Scott.

Dolly Scott [Parents].Dolly married Stanley.

Kennedy. married Jean Day.

Jean Day [Parents].Jean married Kennedy.

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