McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV; Families and Individuals

Orland H. Willard was born in 1898 in OH. He married Lucy Jane Burks about 1923.


Lucy Jane Burks [Parents] was born in 1906 in WV. She married Orland H. Willard about 1923.


They had the following children:

  F i Freda O. Willard was born in 1927 in KY. [Notes]
  M ii Raymond Bruce Willard was born on 27 Sep 1928. He died on 1 Jun 1959.

Donald Dean McCoy [Parents] was born on 15 Jun 1951 in WV. He married Patricia Sue Willard on 15 Dec 1972 in Pearisburg, Giles Co, VA.

Other marriages:
Bailey, Dianna Lynn


Patricia Sue Willard [Parents] was born on 8 Apr 1955 in WV. She married Donald Dean McCoy on 15 Dec 1972 in Pearisburg, Giles Co, VA.


They had the following children:

  F i Tonya McCoy.
  M ii Bruce McCoy.

Andy Morgan.Andy married Ethel Adkins.

Ethel Adkins [Parents].Ethel married Andy Morgan.

Dwight Stafford.Dwight married Tammy Cline.

Tammy Cline [Parents].Tammy married Dwight Stafford.


Bruce McCoy [Parents].Bruce married Angel.

Angel.Angel married Bruce McCoy.

Tonya McCoy [Parents].

She had the following children:

  F i Emma Grace McCoy was born on 21 Apr 2003 in Beckley, Raleigh Co, WV. She was christened on 2 Sep 2018 in Christ Community Church. She died on 2 Nov 2018. [Notes]
  F ii Lilly McCoy.
  M iii Dylan McCoy.

Buddy Adkins [Parents].Buddy married Susan.

Susan.Susan married Buddy Adkins.

McComas. married Gracie Madeline Tolliver.

Gracie Madeline Tolliver [Parents] was born on 20 May 1923 in Tralee, Wyoming Co, WV. She died on 3 Sep 1991. She married McComas.


Ronnie Billings.Ronnie married Sylvia Lou Tolliver.

Sylvia Lou Tolliver [Parents] was born on 27 Jun 1939 in Pineville, Wyoming Co, WV. She died on 2 Nov 2018 in Princeton Health Care Center, Princeton, Mercer Co, WV. She was buried on 5 Nov 2018 in Roselawn Memory Gardens, prinston, Mercer Co, WV. She married Ronnie Billings.

Other marriages:
Adkins, Jesse James


Edmond V. Bailey.Edmond married Amanda J Houck.

Amanda J Houck.Amanda married Edmond V. Bailey.

They had the following children:

  F i Nora Ellen Bailey was born on 1 Nov 1911. She died on 9 Nov 1971.

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