McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families and Individuals

Darin Ransaw.Darin married Robin Y. Dalton.

Robin Y. Dalton [Parents].Robin married Darin Ransaw.

Johnny William Tilley [Parents] was born on 29 Sep 1935 in Meban, Wyoming Co, WV. He died on 16 Jun 2013. He married Mary Bailey on 7 Jan 1958 in Glen Fork, Wyoming Co, WV.


Mary Bailey [Parents] was born in 1941 in Saulsville, Wyoming Co, WV. She married Johnny William Tilley on 7 Jan 1958 in Glen Fork, Wyoming Co, WV.


They had the following children:

  M i John William "John Boy" Tilley Sr was born on 9 Mar 1967. He died on 3 Nov 2019.
  F ii Gay Tilley.
  M iii Robert Tilley.
  F iv Debbie Tilley.

Johnny Ray Hicks was born on 2 Sep 1960 in WV. He married Teresa Lee Keith on 27 Jun 1988 in Tazewell, Tazewell Co, VA.


Teresa Lee Keith [Parents] was born on 22 Jan 1964 in NY. She married Johnny Ray Hicks on 27 Jun 1988 in Tazewell, Tazewell Co, VA.

Other marriages:
Blevins, Billy Gene


Forrest Thurman "Buster" Stanley [Parents] was born on 26 Dec 1945 in Lex, McDowell Co, WV. He married Bernice.

Other marriages:
Mullins, Joyce Gay


Bernice.Bernice married Forrest Thurman "Buster" Stanley.

Ball. married Ellen Sue Walls.

Ellen Sue Walls [Parents] was born in 1946 in Princeton, Mercer Co, WV. She married Ball.

Other marriages:
Barker, Randy Mitchell


Raymond Alkire.Raymond married Katherine Gissy.

Katherine Gissy.Katherine married Raymond Alkire.

They had the following children:

  M i Raymond Aloysius Alkire was born on 5 Jun 1918. He died on 5 Apr 2002.

Gus Balkcom.Gus married Lena Julia Barley.

Lena Julia Barley [Parents] was born in 1910 in WV. She died in 1950. She married Gus Balkcom.


Harry Alexander Keyser.Harry married Sina Strole.

Sina Strole.Sina married Harry Alexander Keyser.

They had the following children:

  F i Janet Elizabeth Keyser was born on 8 May 1928. She died on 2 Sep 2019.
  M ii George Keyser.
  M iii Julian Keyser.
  M iv Harry "Bud" Keyser.
  M v Lynn Keyser.

Dale Parker.Dale married Patsy Conley.

Patsy Conley [Parents].Patsy married Dale Parker.

William Cox.William married Ruby Lindsey.

Ruby Lindsey.Ruby married William Cox.

They had the following children:

  M i Coy William Cox was born in 1930.

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