Selected Families and Individuals

Lusk. married Linda Myers.

Linda Myers [Parents].Linda married Lusk.

William Guyer.William married Martha Miley?.

Martha Miley?.Martha married William Guyer.

They had the following children:

  M i Lewis Mayberry Guyer was born in Jul 1850. He died on 24 Jan 1942.

Gary Morgan.Gary married Vicki Payne.

Vicki Payne [Parents].Vicki married Gary Morgan.

Crockett Farley.Crockett married Mary Ann Kinser.

Mary Ann Kinser.Mary married Crockett Farley.


They had the following children:

  F i Eunice Farley was born in 1905. She died on 17 Jun 1975.

Charles Loron Shannon.Charles married Bertie J. Broyles.

Bertie J. Broyles.Bertie married Charles Loron Shannon.

They had the following children:

  F i Mildred Jean "Boo" Shannon was born on 8 Jan 1926. She died on 23 Feb 2020.

Douglas Cline [Parents] was born on 11 Apr 1955 in Welch, McDowell Co, WV. He died on 6 Oct 2020. He married Joan Roberts on 22 Dec 1975 in Grundy, Buchanan Co, VA.


Joan Roberts [Parents] was born on 11 Jul 1959 in WV. She married Douglas Cline on 22 Dec 1975 in Grundy, Buchanan Co, VA.


They had the following children:

  F i Brittany Cline.
  M ii Douglas Ray Cline.

Lloyd Lockhart.Lloyd married Brenda Dotson.

Brenda Dotson [Parents].Brenda married Lloyd Lockhart.

William Basken Dillon was born on 5 May 1871 in Tazewell Co, VA. He died on 7 Nov 1954 in Bluefield, Tazewell Co, VA. He married Susan Ann "Susie" Bailey about 1892.


Susan Ann "Susie" Bailey was born on 19 Feb 1875 in Abbs Valley, Tazewell Co, VA. She died on 11 Oct 1958 in Bluefield, Tazewell Co, VA. She married William Basken Dillon about 1892.


They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth Dillon was born in Aug 1895 in WV. [Notes]
  M ii William Allis "Bill" Dillon was born on 14 Apr 1897. He died on 26 Jun 1934.
  F iii Bertha Dillon was born in May 1899 in WV. [Notes]
  M iv Thomas H. Dillon was born in 1901 in VA. [Notes]
  M v Hite Dillon was born in 1903 in VA. [Notes]
  F vi Julia A. Dillon was born in 1904 in VA. [Notes]
  F vii Sadie Dillon was born in 1906 in VA. [Notes]
  F viii Dinah Dillon was born in 1908 in VA. [Notes]

David Cooper [Parents].David married Michelle.

Michelle.Michelle married David Cooper.

Sam Lubonia.Sam married Jo Ann Cook.

Jo Ann Cook [Parents] was born in 1929 in Wyoming Co, WV. She married Sam Lubonia.


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