McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families and Individules

Thomas Hatfield.Thomas married Martha.

Martha.Martha married Thomas Hatfield.

They had the following children:

  M i Willard Henry Hatfield was born on 25 Oct 1882. He died on 6 Mar 1960.

Elza Hatfield [Parents] was born in 1937 in McDowell Co, WV. He married Faye.


Faye.Faye married Elza Hatfield.

Luther Wimmer.Luther married Bettie J. Hatfield.

Bettie J. Hatfield [Parents] was born in 1939 in McDowell Co, WV. She married Luther Wimmer.


Fred Dobbs.Fred married Lona Hatfield.

Lona Hatfield [Parents] was born in 1930 in McDowell Co, WV. She married Fred Dobbs.


Thomas Sansom was born on 7 Mar 1895 in Pike Co, KY. He died on 12 Nov 1926 in Pike Co, KY. He married Nellie May Smith.

Nellie May Smith was born on 8 Aug 1895 in KY. She married Thomas Sansom.

They had the following children:

  F i Bookie Marie Sansom was born on 31 Mar 1918. She died on 3 Oct 2012.
  F ii Verlie Sansom.
  F iii Maxine Sansom.
  M iv Arthur Sansom.
  M v Ed Christian Sansom.
  M vi Ivan Sansom.
  F vii Lodemia Sansom.

Leck Blevins Jr [Parents].Leck married Connie.

Connie.Connie married Leck Blevins Jr.

Darrell Blevins [Parents].Darrell married Linda.

Linda.Linda married Darrell Blevins.

Carl Blevins [Parents].Carl married Deedra.

Deedra.Deedra married Carl Blevins.

Lonnie Blevins [Parents].Lonnie married Ella.

Ella.Ella married Lonnie Blevins.

Ward. married Lodemia Sansom.

Lodemia Sansom [Parents].Lodemia married Ward.

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