McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV; Families and Individuals

Paul Stewart Shepherd [Parents].Paul married Suzie Farley.

Other marriages:
Javins, Madline

Suzie Farley.Suzie married Paul Stewart Shepherd.

Glen Cummons.Glen married Avanel Shepherd.

Avanel Shepherd [Parents].Avanel married Glen Cummons.

Jacob Miller [Parents] died on 4 Sep 1942. He married Martha Viola Shepherd on 4 Jul 1915.

Martha Viola Shepherd [Parents] was born on 26 Jun 1902. She married Jacob Miller on 4 Jul 1915.

Other marriages:
Meeks, Richard

They had the following children:

  F i Grace Miller.
  F ii Mabel Miller.
  F iii Bina Miller.
  M iv Dorothy Miller.
  F v Helen Miller.
  F vi Bertha Miller.
  F vii Norma Miller.
  M viii Ivan Lee Miller.
  F ix Agatha Ruth Miller.
  M x James E. Miller.
  M xi Gary E. Miller.

Bud-Jake Miller.Bud-Jake married Candis Atwood.

Candis Atwood.Candis married Bud-Jake Miller.

They had the following children:

  M i Jacob Miller died on 4 Sep 1942.

Dan D. Lyall.Dan married Grace Miller.

Grace Miller [Parents].Grace married Dan D. Lyall.

Manley Severt.Manley married Mabel Miller.

Mabel Miller [Parents].Mabel married Manley Severt.

Ramey Bostick.Ramey married Bina Miller.

Bina Miller [Parents].Bina married Ramey Bostick.

Dorothy Miller [Parents].Dorothy married Lawrence Bostick.

Lawrence Bostick.Lawrence married Dorothy Miller.

Murle Stadler.Murle married Helen Miller.

Helen Miller [Parents].Helen married Murle Stadler.

Austin Bodmer.Austin married Bertha Miller.

Bertha Miller [Parents].Bertha married Austin Bodmer.

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