McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families and Individuals

Stuart Payne [Parents].Stuart married Ann.

Ann.Ann married Stuart Payne.

Burnett. married Eva Payne.

Eva Payne [Parents].Eva married Burnett.

Steven Payne [Parents].Steven married Patsy.

Patsy.Patsy married Steven Payne.

Eighmy. married Mona Payne.

Mona Payne [Parents].Mona married Eighmy.

Bryan Hasty.Bryan married Zoe Payne.

Zoe Payne [Parents].Zoe married Bryan Hasty.

Keith Morrow.Keith married Rachel Leah Payne.

Rachel Leah Payne [Parents] was born on 8 Jan 1971. She married Keith Morrow.


Russak. married JoAnna Bright.

JoAnna Bright [Parents] was born in 1937 in McDowell Co, WV. She married Russak.


Payne. married Bonnie Bright.

Bonnie Bright [Parents] was born in 1932 in OH. She married Payne.


Palmer. married Helen Bright.

Helen Bright [Parents] was born in 1928 in McDowell Co, WV. She married Palmer.


Thomas B. Bright.Thomas married Jennie.

Jennie.Jennie married Thomas B. Bright.

They had the following children:

  M i Hall Bright was born in 1885.

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