McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Familie and Individuals

Evans. married Elizabeth Sopsher.

Elizabeth Sopsher [Parents] was born in 1913 in Wise Co, VA. She married Evans.

Other marriages:
Ragsdale, Reuben W.


Smith. married Cora Lee Sopsher.

Cora Lee Sopsher [Parents] was born in 1910 in Wise Co, VA. She married Smith.

Other marriages:
Romans, John


Anderson C. Short [Parents] was born in 1924 in OH. He married Hazel Lee Sopsher.


Hazel Lee Sopsher [Parents] was born in 1924 in WV. She married Anderson C. Short.


Claude Thomas.Claude married Francis Jones.

Francis Jones [Parents].Francis married Claude Thomas.

Webb. married Shirley Jones.

Shirley Jones [Parents].Shirley married Webb.

Rex Billups.Rex married Linda Jones.

Linda Jones [Parents].Linda married Rex Billups.

Gene Carney.Gene married Carolyn Jones.

Carolyn Jones [Parents].Carolyn married Gene Carney.

Brooks. married Janet Jones.

Janet Jones [Parents].Janet married Brooks.

Thibado. married Opal Jones.

Opal Jones [Parents] was born in 1938 in WV. She married Thibado.


Thomas Jones [Parents].Thomas married Anita.

Anita.Anita married Thomas Jones.

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