McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families

Shumate. married Wanda Stiles.

Wanda Stiles [Parents].Wanda married Shumate.

Ron Harold [Parents].Ron married Cherly.

Cherly.Cherly married Ron Harold.

Robert "Bobby" Stiles [Parents].Robert married Judy.

Judy.Judy married Robert "Bobby" Stiles.

Jason Stewart.Jason married Leisa M. Lusk.

Leisa M. Lusk [Parents] was born on 6 Mar 1973. She married Jason Stewart.


Todd Williams.Todd married Carla L. Lusk.

Carla L. Lusk [Parents] was born on 1 Aug 1977. She married Todd Williams.


Coleman. married Willa Jean?.

Willa Jean? was born on 27 Dec 1936. She married Coleman.


They had the following children:

  M i William A. Coleman Jr was born on 18 Mar 1964.

Madison W. Lusk was born in 1892 in KY. He married Blanche M. Danbury on 15 Feb 1911 in Carbondale, Mercer Co, WV.


Blanche M. Danbury was born in 1893 in KY. She married Madison W. Lusk on 15 Feb 1911 in Carbondale, Mercer Co, WV.


They had the following children:

  M i Eugene Lusk was born in 1912 in Mercer Co, WV. [Notes]
  M ii Douglas Lusk was born in 1914 in Mercer Co, WV. [Notes]
  M iii William C. Lusk was born in 1916.
  M iv Harrison Lusk was born in 1919 in Mercer Co, WV. [Notes]

Hatcher. married Ella May Lusk.

Ella May Lusk [Parents] was born on 5 Mar 1903 in Herndon, Wyoming Co, WV. She married Hatcher.


Blizzard. married Zona Grey Lusk.

Zona Grey Lusk [Parents] was born on 9 Jun 1937 in WV. She married Blizzard.


Clark. married Macie F. Lusk.

Macie F. Lusk [Parents] was born in 1918 in WV. She married Clark.


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