McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families

Ellis Keith Jarrell was born on 21 Feb 1963. He died on 13 Apr 2010 in WV. He married Rebecca Ann Shumate.


Rebecca Ann Shumate [Parents] was born on 13 Jun 1969 in McGraws, Wyoming Co, WV. She died on 30 Jul 2020. She was buried on 6 Aug 2020. She married Ellis Keith Jarrell.

Other marriages:
Dutton, Frank


They had the following children:

  M i Jimmie Jarrell.
  F ii Kristy Jarrell.
  M iii Brandon Jarrell.

Jeremy Jeffery.Jeremy married Victoria Shumate.

Victoria Shumate [Parents].Victoria married Jeremy Jeffery.

Jimmy Wayne Shumate [Parents] was born on 14 Feb 1971 in Mullens, Wyoming Co, WV. He died on 23 Jul 2017 in Glen Rogers, Wyoming Co, WV. He was buried on 29 Jul 2017 in Pine Grove Cemetery, RaveNCliff, Wyoming Co, WV. He married Valerie Ann Wesley about 1995.


Valerie Ann Wesley.Valerie married Jimmy Wayne Shumate about 1995.


Jesse Michael Shumate [Parents] was born on 5 Feb 1976 in WV. He married Tonya S. Lilly.


Tonya S. Lilly [Parents].Tonya married Jesse Michael Shumate.


Charles E. "Bucky" Lilly Sr [Parents] was born on 27 Mar 1950 in Sprague, Raleigh Co, WV. He died on 30 Aug 2006 in Bradley, Raleigh Co, WV. He was buried on 1 Sep 2006 in Oak Grove Cemetery, Beckley, Raleigh Co, WV.


He had the following children:

  F i Tonya S. Lilly.
  M ii Charles E. Lilly Jr.

Denver Lilly Sr.Denver married Edith Ward.

Edith Ward.Edith married Denver Lilly Sr.

They had the following children:

  M i Charles E. "Bucky" Lilly Sr was born on 27 Mar 1950. He died on 30 Aug 2006.
  M ii Denver Lilly Jr.
  F iii Linda Lilly.
  F iv Millie Lilly.
  F v Mary Lilly.
  F vi Diana Lilly.
  F vii Carol Lilly.

Dumayas. married Linda Lilly.

Linda Lilly [Parents].Linda married Dumayas.

Charles E. Lilly Jr [Parents].Charles married Angie.

Angie.Angie married Charles E. Lilly Jr.

B.C. Curry.B.C. married Millie Lilly.

Millie Lilly [Parents].Millie married B.C. Curry.

Dennis Eastman.Dennis married Mary Lilly.

Mary Lilly [Parents].Mary married Dennis Eastman.

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