McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families and Individuals

W.J. Flesher.W.J. married Velva.

Velva.Velva married W.J. Flesher.

They had the following children:

  F i Nellie Rose Flesher was born in 1926.

Robbins. married Nina Faye Goode.

Nina Faye Goode [Parents].Nina married Robbins.

Earl Scott Goode [Parents] was born on 10 Sep 1953 in Greenbrier Co, WV. He died on 12 Dec 2010 in Welch Community Hospital, Welch, McDowell Co, WV.


He had the following children:

  F i Chanci Christina Goode.
  F ii Bethany Rose Goode.

Richard Allen.Richard married Chanci Christina Goode.

Chanci Christina Goode [Parents].Chanci married Richard Allen.

James King.James married Bethany Rose Goode.

Bethany Rose Goode [Parents].Bethany married James King.

Charles E. Blevins was born on 19 Oct 1953. He married Maggie R. Goode.


Maggie R. Goode [Parents] was born on 13 Dec 1961. She married Charles E. Blevins.


Archer. married Joyce Goode.

Joyce Goode [Parents].Joyce married Archer.

Webb. married Harriett.

Harriett.Harriett married Webb.

They had the following children:

  F i Pinkie Martha Jane Webb was born in 1900. She died on 10 Jun 1981.

Posey Pettry [Parents] was born on 22 Jul 1915 in Pine Knob, WV. He died on 4 Jun 2007 in OH. He married Audrey Nell Crank on 19 Jun 1945 in Pine Knob, McDowell Co, WV.


Audrey Nell Crank [Parents] was born on 5 Apr 1925 in KY. She married Posey Pettry on 19 Jun 1945 in Pine Knob, McDowell Co, WV.


Posey Lafayette Pettry [Parents] was born on 24 Jan 1942 in Pine Knob, WV. He married Jean Bailey about 1990/1993.

Other marriages:
Bonds, Bonnie Lou


Jean Bailey [Parents] was born on 20 Jul 1939 in Washington, Dc. She died on 20 Dec 2010 in Hentin Hospital, Summers Co, WV. She was buried on 23 Dec 2010 in Palm Memorial Gardens, Matheny, Wyoming Co, WV. She married Posey Lafayette Pettry about 1990/1993.

Other marriages:
McMillen, Harvey Sr


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