McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families

Anse L. Gillespie was born on 18 Nov 1900. He died in Sep 1945. He married Nancy.


Nancy.Nancy married Anse L. Gillespie.

They had the following children:

  M i Frank Junior Gillespie was born on 11 Dec 1928.

Burrell. married Helen Ellis.

Helen Ellis.Helen married Burrell.

Other marriages:
Akers, Everett

Frank Junior Gillespie II [Parents] was born on 9 Nov 1946 in Marianna, Wyoming Co, WV. He died on 4 Nov 2010 in WV. He was buried on 12 Nov 2010 in Gillespie Family Cemetery, Macajah's Ridge, Wyoming Co, WV. He married Janet.


Janet.Janet married Frank Junior Gillespie II.

They had the following children:

  F i Joyce Ann Gillespie.
  F ii Janice S. Gillespie.
  F iii Jeanette L. Gillespie.
  F iv Jessica D. Gillespie.
  M v Frank Junior Gillespie III.

Edward Turpin.Edward married Jeanette L. Gillespie.

Jeanette L. Gillespie [Parents].Jeanette married Edward Turpin.

Eugene Monk.Eugene married Drema Gillespie.

Drema Gillespie [Parents].Drema married Eugene Monk.

Graham. married Shelby Gillespie.

Shelby Gillespie [Parents].Shelby married Graham.

Garland Wood.Garland married Kitty Gillespie.

Kitty Gillespie [Parents].Kitty married Garland Wood.

Strickland. married Connie Gillespie.

Connie Gillespie [Parents].Connie married Strickland.

Jack Gillespie [Parents].Jack married Christol.

Christol.Christol married Jack Gillespie.

Roy L. O'Neal Sr [Parents] was born on 31 Jul 1954. He married Judy K. Lankford.


Judy K. Lankford [Parents] was born on 9 Sep 1953. She married Roy L. O'Neal Sr.


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