McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families

James P. Morgan was born in 1920 in Welch, McDowell Co, WV. He married Vivian Irene Bellew on 19 Sep 1947 in Mullens, Wyoming Co, WV.


Vivian Irene Bellew [Parents] was born on 24 Mar 1925 in Denton, Carter Co, KY. She died on 4 Jan 2014 in Wyoming Nursing and Rehabiltation Center, New Richmond, Wyoming Co, WV. She was buried Cremated. She married James P. Morgan on 19 Sep 1947 in Mullens, Wyoming Co, WV.


Wannie Lee McCarty [Parents] was born on 19 Oct 1917 in Clear Fork, Wyoming Co, WV. He died on 8 Sep 1988 in WV. He married Maysel Pearl Brunty.


Maysel Pearl Brunty was born on 6 May 1922 in WV. She died in May 1995. She married Wannie Lee McCarty.


They had the following children:

  F i Lela Mae McCarty was born on 27 Jan 1939. She died on 27 Nov 2016.
  M ii Jimmie Lee McCarty was born on 6 Sep 1940.
  F iii Willa Faye McCarty was born in 1942.
  F iv Doris Sue McCarty was born on 29 Aug 1943. She died on 28 Oct 2014.
  F v Bonnie Jean McCarty was born on 30 Apr 1946. She died on 17 Aug 2016.
  F vi Virginia Diane McCarty was born on 22 Nov 1951. She died on 10 Jul 2006.
  M vii Johnny R. McCarty.
  M viii Bobby Walter McCarty was born on 12 Dec 1944.

Richard Belcher.Richard married Deborah Morgan.

Deborah Morgan [Parents].Deborah married Richard Belcher.

James "Jim" Everhart.James married Terri Morgan.

Terri Morgan [Parents].Terri married James "Jim" Everhart.

George Smith [Parents].George married Wendy Morgan.

Wendy Morgan [Parents].Wendy married George Smith.

Rick Nolan.Rick married Tonya Morgan.

Tonya Morgan [Parents].Tonya married Rick Nolan.

Earnel Jay Morgan III [Parents].Earnel married Lisa.

Lisa.Lisa married Earnel Jay Morgan III.

William G. Cook [Parents] was born in 1916 in Wyoming Co, WV. He married Jessie May Beamer in Nov.


Jessie May Beamer [Parents] was born in 1915 in VA. She married William G. Cook in Nov.

Other marriages:
Morgan, Earnel Jay Sr


Jack Beamer.Jack married Clevie.

Clevie.Clevie married Jack Beamer.

They had the following children:

  F i Jessie May Beamer was born in 1915.

James D. Farley Sr [Parents] was born on 16 Aug 1904 in Wyoming Co, WV. He died in Sep 1975. He married Eupha Regina Cook on 25 Dec 1925 in Davy, McDowell Co, WV.


Eupha Regina Cook [Parents] was born on 30 Aug 1909 in Wyoming Co, WV. She died on 1 Jul 1995. She married James D. Farley Sr on 25 Dec 1925 in Davy, McDowell Co, WV.


They had the following children:

  M i Paul Cook Farley was born on 24 Sep 1926. He died on 5 Jun 1994.
  M ii James D. Farley Jr was born in 1929 in WV. [Notes]

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