McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families and Individuals

Massey. married Elaine Poe.

Elaine Poe [Parents].Elaine married Massey.

Dallas Clay.Dallas married Nina McKinney.

Nina McKinney [Parents].Nina married Dallas Clay.

Glenn Wilson.Glenn married Mabel McKinney.

Mabel McKinney [Parents].Mabel married Glenn Wilson.

George Adkins.George married Dorothy McKinney.

Dorothy McKinney [Parents].Dorothy married George Adkins.

Danny McKinney.Danny married Charlotte McKinney.

Charlotte McKinney [Parents].Charlotte married Danny McKinney.

David Mitchell McKinney Jr [Parents].David married Wanda.

Wanda.Wanda married David Mitchell McKinney Jr.

James McKinney [Parents].James married Kitty.

Kitty.Kitty married James McKinney.

Webb. married Annabelle Shumate.

Annabelle Shumate [Parents].Annabelle married Webb.

Hill. married Virginia Melba Shumate.

Virginia Melba Shumate [Parents] was born in 1925 in WV. She married Hill.


Dale Amos Shumate [Parents] was born in 1927 in McGraws, Wyoming Co, WV. He married Opal Duncan on 29 May 1956 in Glen Rogers, Wyoming Co, WV.


Opal Duncan [Parents] was born in 1921 in McGraws, Wyoming Co, WV. She married Dale Amos Shumate on 29 May 1956 in Glen Rogers, Wyoming Co, WV.


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