McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Familys and Individuals

Chapman. married Rhoda Cline.

Rhoda Cline [Parents] was born in 1914 in McDowell Co, WV. She married Chapman.


Devoy. married Elzora Cline.

Elzora Cline [Parents] was born in 1922 in WV. She married Devoy.


Kelis Weese.Kelis married Lilly Lillian Paynter.

Lilly Lillian Paynter [Parents].Lilly married Kelis Weese.

Joseph "Joe" Matney [Parents].Joseph married Phyllis Paynter.

Phyllis Paynter [Parents].Phyllis married Joseph "Joe" Matney.

Onnie Reed Paynter [Parents].Onnie married Virginia.

Virginia.Virginia married Onnie Reed Paynter.

Dwight Arnold Paynter [Parents].Dwight married Denise.

Denise.Denise married Dwight Arnold Paynter.

Ross Daryell Paynter [Parents].Ross married Sandra.

Sandra.Sandra married Ross Daryell Paynter.

Richard Randolph Paynter [Parents].Richard married Teresa.

Teresa.Teresa married Richard Randolph Paynter.

Paugh. married Thelma Darlene Paynter.

Thelma Darlene Paynter [Parents].Thelma married Paugh.

Joseph "Joe" Michaloff.Joseph married Martha Joanne Paynter.

Martha Joanne Paynter [Parents].Martha married Joseph "Joe" Michaloff.

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