McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Familie and Individuals

James Stewart.James married Anna Lee.

Anna Lee.Anna married James Stewart.

They had the following children:

  F i Bernice L Stewart.

Buzz Workman.Buzz married Iris Pendry.

Iris Pendry [Parents].Iris married Buzz Workman.

Dusty Yates.Dusty married Deanna Pruitt.

Deanna Pruitt [Parents].Deanna married Dusty Yates.

Bobby Pruitt [Parents].Bobby married Linda.

Linda.Linda married Bobby Pruitt.

Clarence Pruitt Sr.Clarence married Rosnell Blankenship.

Rosnell Blankenship died on 22 Aug 2012 in Roscommon Co, MI. She was buried in Perry Mount Park Cemetery, Pontiac, Oakland Co, MI. She married Clarence Pruitt Sr.


They had the following children:

  F i Betty Ann Pruitt was born on 24 May 1949. She died on 17 Sep 2011.
  M ii Clarence Pruitt Jr.
  M iii Bobby Pruitt.
  F iv Deanna Pruitt.
  F v Peggy Pruitt.
  M vi Jesse Pruitt.
  M vii Danny Pruitt.

Charles Edward "Butch" Guella II [Parents] was born on 18 May 1957. He married Pamela.


Pamela.Pamela married Charles Edward "Butch" Guella II.

Eugen Dunnigan.Eugen married Eleanor Cameron.

Eleanor Cameron [Parents].Eleanor married Eugen Dunnigan.

Other marriages:
Williams, Ray


Okey Miller was born on 27 Feb 1933. He married Ellen Cameron.


Ellen Cameron [Parents].Ellen married Okey Miller.

Yaeger. married Wanda Cameron.

Wanda Cameron [Parents].Wanda married Yaeger.


Bryan Brown.Bryan married Regina Cameron.

Regina Cameron [Parents].Regina married Bryan Brown.

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