McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families

Finley Gerald Payne [Parents] was born on 24 Jun 1934 in Ieager, McDDowell Co, WV. He died on 6 Nov 2006. He married Lena Matney on 2 Jul 1960 in Yukon, McDowell Co, WV.

Other marriages:
Rose, Marie


Lena Matney [Parents] was born in 1940 in Bartley, McDowell Co, WV. She married Finley Gerald Payne on 2 Jul 1960 in Yukon, McDowell Co, WV.


McCoy. married Joy Jeffrey.

Joy Jeffrey [Parents].Joy married McCoy.

Phipps. married Alexis Austin.

Alexis Austin [Parents].Alexis married Phipps.

Stowers. married Carolyn Pettry.

Carolyn Pettry [Parents].Carolyn married Stowers.

Liomous Watkins.Liomous married Viola Douglas.

Viola Douglas.Viola married Liomous Watkins.

They had the following children:

  M i James F. Watkins was born on 10 Aug 1896. He died on 26 Sep 1940.

Danny Clifton Hawk Jr [Parents] was born on 13 Jul 1966 in OH. He married Amy.

Other marriages:
Justice, Lisa Renee


Amy.Amy married Danny Clifton Hawk Jr.

Franklin Alger.Franklin married Polly Wells.

Polly Wells.Polly married Franklin Alger.

They had the following children:

  M i Frank Alger was born on 27 Oct 1881. He died on 11 Apr 1939.

Freddie Lawrence Lambert Jr was born on 27 Mar 1947. He married Gloria M. Allen.


Gloria M. Allen was born on 14 Aug 1947. She married Freddie Lawrence Lambert Jr.


They had the following children:

  F i Lori Ann Lambert was born on 10 Mar 1973. She died on 15 Sep 2019.
  F ii Toni Lambert.
  M iii Freddie Lambert.

Hawks. married Edna Lou Compton.

Edna Lou Compton.Edna married Hawks.

Other marriages:
Baker, Elmer Ray

Robert Dewayne Austin [Parents].Robert married Melissa.

Melissa.Melissa married Robert Dewayne Austin.

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