McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV; Families and Individuals

Junior Hicks.Junior married Orpha Matney.

Orpha Matney [Parents].Orpha married Junior Hicks.

James Lee Meade [Parents] was born on 27 Feb 1905. He married Laura Looney.

Other marriages:
Davenport, Nellie
Porterand, Dorothy


Laura Looney.Laura married James Lee Meade.

Other marriages:


Ronald Young.Ronald married Nancy Jane Fletcher.

Nancy Jane Fletcher [Parents] was born on 11 Aug 1954 in WV. She married Ronald Young.

Other marriages:
Mink, Charles Arvelle


Charles Arthur Craig was born in 1903 in Radford, VA. He married Lena Virginia Hill on 7 Aug 1954 in Welch, McDowell Co, WV.


Lena Virginia Hill [Parents] was born on 19 Jun 1930 in Gary, McDowell Co, WV. She died on 3 Apr 2001. She married Charles Arthur Craig on 7 Aug 1954 in Welch, McDowell Co, WV.


Keene. married Lucille Matney.

Lucille Matney [Parents].Lucille married Keene.

Debroah Matney [Parents].Debroah married Teddy Stacy.

Teddy Stacy.Teddy married Debroah Matney.

James Edward Stacy.James married Francis.

Francis.Francis married James Edward Stacy.

They had the following children:

  F i Barbara Ann Stacy was born on 5 Sep 1964.

Charles Harvey Matney [Parents] was born on 25 May 1960 in WV. He married Barbara Ann Stacy on 24 Oct 1980 in Grundy, Buchanan Co, VA.


Barbara Ann Stacy [Parents] was born on 5 Sep 1964 in WV. She married Charles Harvey Matney on 24 Oct 1980 in Grundy, Buchanan Co, VA.


Lum Matney [Parents].Lum married Anna.

Anna.Anna married Lum Matney.

Bennie Matney [Parents].Bennie married Ruthie.

Ruthie.Ruthie married Bennie Matney.

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