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Harvey Oxendine.Harvey married Stella Louise Christian.

Stella Louise Christian [Parents] was born on 17 Dec 1948 in Iaeger, McDowell Co, WV. She married Harvey Oxendine.

Other marriages:
McDonald, Gail Thomas

J. B. Frasher.

He had the following children:

  M i Ralph Frasher was born in 1928.

Timmy Lester [Parents].Timmy married Shante.

Shante.Shante married Timmy Lester.

Jessie Lester [Parents].Jessie married Jessica.

Jessica.Jessica married Jessie Lester.

Phillip Frasher [Parents].Phillip married Rita.

Rita.Rita married Phillip Frasher.

James D. Witten Jr [Parents].James married Brenda.

Brenda.Brenda married James D. Witten Jr.

Harvey Leonard Tilley Sr.Harvey married Sarah Elizabeth.

Sarah Elizabeth.Sarah married Harvey Leonard Tilley Sr.

They had the following children:

  M i Harvey Leonard "Preach" Tilley Jr was born in 1926.

Rose. married Kathryn Lucille Boothe. The marriage ended in divorce.

Kathryn Lucille Boothe [Parents] was born on 13 Sep 1940 in Amonate, Tazewell Co, VA. She married Rose. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:
Guess, Nathan Chester "Red" Jr


Lee Thomas [Parents].Lee married Crystal.

Crystal.Crystal married Lee Thomas.

Richardson. married Catherine.

Catherine.Catherine married Richardson.

They had the following children:

  F i Corzetta Richardson was born in 1923.

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