McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families and Individuals

Hubinak. married Nellie Marie Morgan.

Nellie Marie Morgan [Parents].Nellie married Hubinak.

Ron Hall.Ron married Debbie Lusk.

Debbie Lusk.Debbie married Ron Hall.

Other marriages:
Brunty, Guy Roland Jr

Guy Roland Brunty Jr [Parents].Guy married Debbie Lusk.

Debbie Lusk.Debbie married Guy Roland Brunty Jr.

Other marriages:
Hall, Ron

They had the following children:

  F i Tiffany Machelle Brunty.

Dominick. married Joann Beverly.

Joann Beverly [Parents].Joann married Dominick.

Sheets. married Brenda Fraizer.

Brenda Fraizer [Parents] was born on 2 Feb 1958 in Jolo, McDowell Co, WV. She died on 29 May 2020 in Thorpe, McDowell Co, WV. She was buried on 2 Jun 2020 in Woodlawn Memorial Park, Bluewell, Mercer Co, WV. She married Sheets.

Other marriages:
McMichael, Phillip


They had the following children:

  M i Donald Ray Sheets.
  F ii Betty Jo Sheets.

Hodock. married Sharon Farris.

Sharon Farris [Parents].Sharon married Hodock.

Michael Keene.Michael married Debbie Beavers.

Debbie Beavers [Parents].Debbie married Michael Keene.

Earl Edward Hunt was born in 1931. He died on 9 Apr 2013. He was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery Mausoleum, Brook Park, Cuyahoga Co, OH. He married Angelica Guidi.


Angelica Guidi [Parents] was born on 28 Jun 1931 in Gary, McDowell Co, WV. She married Earl Edward Hunt.


They had the following children:

  M i Earl Thomas Hunt.[Notes]
  M ii Tony Vincent Hunt.

Michael Kekich.Michael married Catherine Guidi.


Catherine Guidi [Parents] was born on 10 Sep 1923 in Vertova, Italy. She married Michael Kekich.

Other marriages:
Pugh, Artley B.


Hull. married Juliana Guidi.

Juliana Guidi [Parents].Juliana married Hull.


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