McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV Families

Tollison Lusk [Parents] was born in 1928 in WV. He married Alma E. Shrewsbury.


Alma E. Shrewsbury [Parents].Alma married Tollison Lusk.

Luis Albert G. Zambrana was born on 11 Jul 1957. He married Imarie Shrewsbury.


Imarie Shrewsbury [Parents] was born on 21 May 1932 in WV. She married Luis Albert G. Zambrana.


Robert J. Dame.Robert married Lela Fern Shrewsbury.

Lela Fern Shrewsbury [Parents].Lela married Robert J. Dame.

H. Allen Greathouse.H. married Zelma J. Shrewsbury.

Zelma J. Shrewsbury [Parents] was born on 15 Sep 1940 in WV. She married H. Allen Greathouse.


Jim R. Goes.Jim married S. Ferrel Shrewsbury.

S. Ferrel Shrewsbury [Parents].S. married Jim R. Goes.

Reynold C. Shrewsbury [Parents].Reynold married Violet C..

Violet C..Violet married Reynold C. Shrewsbury.

James L. Marsh.James married Karen S. Shrewsbury.

Karen S. Shrewsbury [Parents].Karen married James L. Marsh.

William Okey Morgan [Parents] was born on 20 Aug 1887 in Wyoming Co,WV. He died in Oct 1965. He was buried in MOrgan,Cemetery,Reedy Creek,Wyoming Co, WV. He married Vinnie Mae.

Other marriages:
, Mary


Vinnie Mae was born in 1892 in WV. She married William Okey Morgan.


They had the following children:

  M i James Morgan was born in 1926 in WV. [Notes]
  M ii Teddie Morgan was born in 1928 in WV. [Notes]
  F iii Nellie Morgan was born on 17 Aug 1930. She died on 11 Jan 2006.

Raymond Pierce Toler [Parents] was born in 1923 in Cyclone, Wyoming Co, WV. He married Freda A. Brown on 26 Feb 1949 in Oceana, WYoming Co, WV.

Other marriages:
Woody, Bonnie Jean


Freda A. Brown [Parents] was born in 1927 in Cyclone, Wyoming Co, WV. She married Raymond Pierce Toler on 26 Feb 1949 in Oceana, WYoming Co, WV.


Clevenger. married Nancy E. Morgan.

Nancy E. Morgan [Parents] was born in 1916 in WV. She married Clevenger.


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